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New Insights Into An Evolving P2P Lending Industry

At present, the financial world is undergoing a turbulent period of rapid innovation and change. Improvements in lending practices that have accumulated over much of the last 10 years – thanks to new technical sophistication and inventive models – have gradually given way to what is now a wave of alternative lenders growing at breakneck speeds.  In reaction, traditional financial institutions, that once dragged on new innovation in the industry, are now fighting to position themselves in an emerging age of modern financial services. At the center of the action, are the peer-to-peer (P2P) or marketplace lenders, which facilitate loan-making by bridging investors and borrowers directly through online platforms. Huge valuations and matching headlines are quickly turning heads in the industry, but there is more going on beneath the surface of P2P. The much talked about platforms are at once, both full of the convenience and efficiency that speak to their potential, as… Learn More »
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